an unforgettable experience

Student built electric vehicles drifting on an F1 track carved into a Frozen Lake.
A sustainable technology fair

The Arctic Challenge was created by an innovating team, to inspire young people as well as teach them about sustainable innovations. Together with Project Zephyrs self-development programme, we believe we can grow a generation of people able to create robust solutions for the future that can stand the test of time.

Project Zephyr is the programme created by the Foamblock Team that guides students toward the journey to find their passion while offering them a unique, exciting and educationally rich experience.

The Arctic Challenge takes this experience and thrusts it to the world at large, bringing in everybody else. It multiplies students’ opportunities by exposing them to cutting edge innovations, while educating the public on these innovations.

The Arctic Challenge is curating a list of companies who are working on creating robust sustainable technologies which will stand the test of time when tackling challenges such as climate change. We believe it is crucial for as many people as possible to learn about these companies and their products/services, not only because it helps them thrive but it helps everyone learn the best way to effectively play their part, tailored to individual circumstances.

We believe in carbon negativity
through innovation, not sacrifice.

The climate challenge is multi-disciplinary and is not as simple as ‘CO2 emissions low = good’. We need to approach this challenge rigorously and all at once, together.

Due to our incredible ability to adapt as human beings, we are poorly equipped to prevent slow moving changes - it’s easier to just adapt and leave it. As scientists have shown, if we approach climate change with this mentality, the future doesn’t look so good for many of us, as well as the other species we share the Earth with.

We have decided to organise this event in Lapland because of its proximity to the Arctic Circle - the region most affected by climate change due to the Arctic warming significantly faster than anywhere else on Earth. This unfortunate state of events is also an opportunity - we want to visually show, from year to year, event to event, how things change in the hope that we inspire people to act.

A Unique

As part of our experience, we try to combine many of the sustainable technologies present at our event into the event itself and our products. One such experience is our accommodation. For those that wish to connect more with the Arctic, we will have a very limited availability of fully furnished canvas tents equipped for comfort in the winter. Together with our fire partners - MF Fire, we have designed an efficient, very low emissions stove which will run on recycled briquettes for zero emissions. Together with our own innovation of self- refilling, the stoves are able to run all night long without the need to wake up to refill them. This way, you can sleep comfortably in the depth of winter out under the northern light.

The Challenge

Teams are tasked with making their way to The Arctic Challenge in a way that is not only sustainable but also practical. Teams will have to record how they got here, why they selected that method and the emissions/person/km travelled. Their job is to not just optimise for emissions but also for the time spent getting there. Walking is great for emissions; flying is great for time but neither may be optimal.

Once here, teams will participate in three sessions.

1. Endurance, how far you can make it on one charge
2. Drift, which team carries out the longest drift
3. Time, which team sets the fastest lap

The event will be held at Lapland Ice Driving’s exquisite facilities in Arjeplog, the European capital of winter test driving. When not racing, teams and visitors will be able to see and experience innovative sustainable technologies brought to our event courtesy of the events partners.

The Journey

The Fair

By bringing together companies from different fields, each working on a way to advance humanity into a more sustainable future, we hope we can not only inspire students on future careers but also educate the public on what is out there in terms of individual technologies. Many times, people feel powerless to do anything about climate change because what is the point of paying more for an electric car if on the other side of the planet someone is going to be burning a lot of coal. We believe sustainable technologies should be adopted, not because they help the environment but because they are inherently good anyway.

We want the public to learn about these technologies to help them grow, as well as help the public better understand how to pick and choose when making an environmentally conscious decision.


The Inaugural event

TBD, earliest Winter 2024

We are looking for innovative, forward thinking schools to be part of the first pioneering teams. If you think this is you, drop us a line or fill out this form. If you are already a team doing Project Zephyr, or have accepted our invite, we will be in touch with you about participating.

For our Inaugural event, there will be only 10 teams on a ‘First Come First Serve’ basis.

Be A Pioneer



10 teams undertake Project Zephyr and register for the event.


Teams build their Project Zephyr vehicles. We will coordinate a timeline for teams based on their abilities and we expect a year and a half to build (September 20XX - January 20XX+2).


Teams submit their vehicle specs’ for preliminary evaluation four months before the event.


Teams prepare their vehicles for batch shipment to Arjeplog and plan their trip to the event.


Race and learn, take part in one of the most exciting school events on the globe.


Return to school and their vehicles returned shortly after.

What is Project Zephyr

Foamblock's electric car building STEAM experience. All the benefits of the scratch build, with the efficiency of a kit build.

The Foamblock team created Project Zephyr with the goal of helping young people find an activity that suits them, that they love and can do passionately. A person who finds this provides themselves with sustainable living and the world with a healthy, happy, productive individual.

This programme builds on years of educational experience and research focusing on answering one of students most important questions ‘What do I do after school?’. Project Zephyr sends students aged 12+ on a learning journey where they have the opportunity to delve deep into STEAM while also learning about business, law, marketing, teamwork, leadership and more.

Project Zephyr splits into two parts, the practical and the social, where students, together with teaching or guiding staff, discuss their discoveries during the practical part. Foamblock provides institutions with its own custom-designed mapping algorithm to aid students in discovering their individual path after school. 

The entire experience is student-led and can be done anywhere an institution has the staff able to ensure student safety when using basic DT workshop tools. Project Zephyr comes with all the hardware, as well as all the necessary teaching materials, for institutions to put this into practice efficiently with minimum setup time. 

We, the Foamblock innovators, believe that Project Zephyr can truly change the way a student learns and prepares for life after school.

We, the Foamblock innovators
believe that Project Zephyr can truly change the way a student learns and prepares for life after school.

Timeline Project Zephyr

Design phase


Chassis construction


Auxiliary assembly + “roll cage”


Body design


Electrics + remaining elements


Stick frame for body


Aluminium panel construction


Body assembly to car


Car is finished, testing and finishing touches


Car is finished, testing and finishing touches


(*Dates are according to when in your academic year you start the Project)


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